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Our Team

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, headed by Wayne Shaffer, President, shares a reverence for life and a deep commitment to ensure the well-being of the women and the babies who live at Siena House. Their united passion is to lead Siena House, step-by-step, to achieve its full potential. The extensive group of professionals serving on the Advisory Council partner with the Board and are available to offer expert advise and counsel.

President: Wayne Shaffer
Treasurer: Jerry Deck, MD
Secretary: Margie Haas

James Duffy, Esq.
Elaine Aldrich
Ranell Durgan
Donna Miller
Mike Watson


Volunteer are an integral part of all that we do (and hope to do) at Siena House. Our volunteers bring a wide variety of talents and expertise to their work here, including:

  • gardening
  • plumber
  • receptionist
  • driver
  • life skills teacher
  • parenting class instructor
  • therapist
  • mentor
  • leading prayer services
  • mother helpers
  • office assistant
  • grant writer
  • fundraising assistance
  • clerical/reception
  • transportation support
  • parenting classes
  • life skills classes
  • 12-step based support group
  • financial planning assistance
  • journaling classes
  • birthing classes
  • yoga
  • cooking classes
  • first aid/CPR
  • massage
  • car seat training
  • plumbers, electricians, gardening
  • lactation and other post-birth support
  • exercise classes
  • computer training and support

We are always recruiting new volunteers and would enjoy having you stop by for a tour and begin to explore how you could be a part of our Siena House team.  If you would like more information about volunteering please email us at sienahouse@sbcglobal.net

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